Monday, April 21, 2014

Staying motivated to eat right during the Holidays......

Um, Yeah......

If anyone out there has a strategy for this, PLEASE let a sistah know!

I must admit that I didn't do as bad as I had anticipated.  I didn't even eat the monstrous amounts of candy that I usually eat on Easter.  A few pieces of bubble gum, and a hand full of jelly beans.  Still not good for someone with type II Diabetes, but I could have done much worse.  My grandmother gave me and Isaiah Easter Baskets filled with candy and a HUGE chocolate Easter bunny, but I gave my basket to my niece and nephew to share.  Good Job Erika!

So, my plan was to eat at the family members house with the least amount of Soul Food, and I knew exactly where that was going to be.  

My grandmother's  House!

(90 is Beautiful)

For as long as I've been on this earth, my paternal Grandmother has NEVER cooked Soul food.  Her taste in food is kind of refined as a matter of fact.  Cornish Hens, lamb, steamed vegetables, Orzo Salads, couscous, butternut squash Risotto; you know, those kinds of foods.  Growing up, I always thought that her style of cooking was foreign since my parents only cooked soul food.  As a kid, I didn't understand my grandmothers cooking, it seemed bland, tasteless, and too different.  But as I rapidly approach 40, my body LOVES her style of cooking. I now appreciate it.  Not only do I appreciate it, I respect it.  My grandmother is 90 and she looks FABULOUS, and I'm pretty sure her style cooking has contributed to her fountain of youth.

Let us pray that her longevity is hereditary! 

After I left my grandmother's I went to my parents house where the usual fare was in full effect.  Beef ribs, Macaroni and cheese, mash potatoes, Dressing, greens, corn bread, and sweet potatoes.

Didn't look twice at it! YAY ME!

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